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Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigation Services in Philippines

Insurance fraudulent claim investigations services in Philippines are most accurate and perfect procedures to identify and catch all those claimants who utilize the tricks to make a fake or forged claim for getting huge compensation of claim amount from insurance companies. Our insurance fraud investigators in Philippines take the serious note of every condition to verify the use of faked material in getting illegal compensations and utilize innovative skills to confirm about the genuineness of entire evidence, witnesses and statements used in getting compensations of claims. Our investigators physically visit the relevant sources to divulge entire facts by observing the evidences and witnesses for truthfulness. Today, Insurance fraudulent claim investigations in Philippines provide the wonderful solutions on entire fraudulent claims cases by perfectly investigating all cases which are rising to corrupt the insurance sector of this place.

Life Insurance Claim Investigation in Philippines

Life insurance investigation services in Philippines are proactive methods to support the clients as well as companies in getting the contracted amount which was settled while purchasing the life insurance policies under certain rules and regulations applies during the tenure of the policy or in the event of death of the policy holder. Our investigations have the role to identify all such life insurance claim which are prepared by using false records, forged evidences and unreal witnesses which remained unnoticed throughout the process and goes without verifications. Our investigators always rise to occasions to study entire fact, proofs and witnesses and confirm reality before reimbursements. In the present circumstances, our investigations are the recognized as the excellent procedures to protect the companies by eliminating fraudulent claims.

Theft Claim / Property Claim Investigation Services

Theft/Property Claim Investigations are one of our special services exclusively utilized by the individuals or companies in getting theft and property claims. The superior use of this service can expose the faked material utilized in getting the recovery of the compensations for the loss to the valuable items and properties which is either stolen or damaged by someone and insured person need the estimated compensation amount for the loss or the damage of property or asset.

In every case, our specialists utilize excellent skill to read the situations to establish the facts and findings to bring the accurate cause to open the thefts or property loss and calculate the equal amount for the compensation of such losses or damages. Our investigations are the best fitted procedures to eliminate any possibility faked theft or property claims in the insurance sector in Philippines.

Third Party / Travel Insurance Claim Investigations

Third Party / Travel Insurance Claim Investigators in Philippines handles the entire cases related to third party claims or travel insurance claims by examining all cases for any fraud where there are huge chances and extreme probabilities of utilizing the tricks to get the compensation of claim amount by showing fake road accidents in case of third party claims or loss of valuable and ornaments in case of travel claims where these perpetrators show various reason to establish the loss or damage to properties during travel. Our third party and travel claims investigator in Philippines utilizes in- depth knowledge in dealing the case for finding the facts and confirming the role of third party in obtaining the road accident claims or travelling loss reimbursements. Our investigators have the intuitions to open such cases and take the account of all such people who use the opportunities to take up the benefits in cheating the insurance companies.

Medi-Claims Insurance Investigation Services in Philippines

Medi-claim investigations in Philippines is the most sensitive and highly prone area of investigation where there are higher chance of getting the frauds using Medi-claims where the claimant wants to recovery of compensations for the expenses made by them in getting different kind of medical treatments, surgeries and cure from illnesses or diseases. The wider reason for the non confirmation of medi-claims is the bigger difference in the medical diagnosis and treatment, tests and variety of prescriptions. There are huge probabilities of having the faked record, medical tests, prescriptions and diagnosis processes. Our Medi-claim investigators in Philippines are confident in examining all such cases to confirm the authenticity the various tests and prescriptions by specialists or the panel of doctors and surgeons to get the right medical processes and to detect the frauds. The medi-claim investigations in Philippines are the patent ways to expose the frauds in entire Medi-claims.

Subrogation & Recovery Investigations

Subrogation and recovery Investigations in Philippines provides the reliable ways to bring out the conditions where there are chances of getting the losses due to ignorance and neglected attitude of the third party or the insured person. Our subrogation and recovery investigators in Philippines review the whole scenario and analyze the situation to verify entire proofs, facts and the statement of the witnesses to calculate the losses. Subrogation and recovery Investigations services in Philippines provide the perfect scope to protect the clients from all kind of fraudulent activities which are taking place in the insurance sectors. In the present circumstances, these are accepted as the most reliable way to secure the properties or assets against unknown losses which might take place due to the ignorance and negligence of the third party or the insured person.

Contestable Death Claim Investigation Service

Our contestable death claims investigations in Philippines are most appropriate procedures to confirm the suitability for the confirmation of the death claims after the lapse of contestable period of the death. This is due to the reason that most of insurance companies have the liabilities to pay only the premium amount, if death of the insured person occurs within the two years span from the date of issue of policy. Our insurance investigators in Philippines provide the excellent solution for Contestable Death Claim by perfectly examining the contestable period and suitability of the claims period. Our investigators got the recognitions in solving entire constable death claims case with higher possibility of getting the compensation of claimed amount.


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