IP investigation service in Philippines

IP Due Diligence Investigations in Philippines

IP due diligence services in Philippines has been provided by us in a high professional manner with the concluded and interpreted reports. The IP due diligence investigations are sort of very demanding before the purchase of any Trademark or company, and it may be useful for litigation supports sometimes. We are experienced in performing such kind of high end investigations which are useful to obtain the value statistics.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations in Philippines

IP investigations in Philippines are done by our professional on large scale for the intrusion in the counterfeiters which are manufacturing false products of many famous brands. Although intellectual property infringement is not said as serious crime but the problem arise when the reputation of the product or brand is on stake and the value decrease when the counterfeiting stock increased the optimum level.

Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement, GI Mark & Copyright Violation Issues Investigations in Philippines

Fake manufactures are not only deceiving the consumers indeed damage the fair image of the genuine brands and products. As per our indication, these counterfeiting acts are creating unfair competition which is in between genuine manufacturers and counterfeiters. Indeed it is developing the unfair criteria of untrustworthiness on the particular brand which is being counterfeited.

Grey Market Investigations in Philippines

Grey market is meant to be selling the counterfeited goods and it also directly in contact with the counterfeiters who manufacture the goods on low budget, low quality and ruin the image of the genuine brand. Our high profile professionals starts their investigation from the grey market surveys as these kinds of markets are the end point to know about the fake manufacturers.

IP Monitoring Services vs. Online Brand Abuse Report in Philippines

Our intellectual property investigators in Philippines are expert in all over the area of IP investigations, we always try to keep eyes on the online abuses with the brands including the unauthorized online selling. Secondly we also always check the markets to monitor the levels of counterfeiting goods if they are still available in the markets.

Mysterious Sample / Test Purchases in Philippines

We are experts in mysterious purchasing of counterfeited samples, indeed it is very important step for taking another step against the counterfeiters and also for the litigation support for the brand protection. We can perform this service in all the Philippines and also provide you with the bills wherever feasible.


IP Rights Investigators in Philippines
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